Welcome to the direct care dermatology directory on the web

The future is now

We are excited to begin this project to bring awareness to the direct care dermatology movement. We are hoping that this directory can serve as a way for patients to find dermatologists that believe in our core values of transparent pricing, a return to the patient/physician relationship, and freedom of choice for patients.

Within primary care there is already a larger growing movement with the direct primary care (DPC) model. This gives patients additional choices to seek care outside the traditional insurance model. However, there is a growing need for specialties to enter the free market healthcare space. The direct care dermatology model hopes to close that gap for patients and their primary care doctors.
If you are a primary care doctor and would like to work with a direct care dermatologist in your area please send an email to info@directcaredermatology.com . If you are board certified dermatologist with a direct care practice and would like to be listed on this site please contact us as well. In the future are also looking to add a page on this site to link DPC practices with direct care dermatology practices. Please let us know if you are interested.

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